Most Expensive Gaming Mouse 2022 – For Those Who Love Bling!

Finding your ideal gaming mouse might be a bit tough but it can make your gaming experience a lot more optimal. Other than a detailed buying guide, here are the most expensive gaming mouse models that come with some exciting features.

Most Expensive Gaming Mouse Reviws


Mad Catz

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1. Mad Catz The Authentic R.A.T. PRO X3 Most Expensive Gaming Mouse


  • up to 16000 DPI
  • 8 Buttons
  • 50 million click lifetime
  • Customizable scroll wheel
  • Adjustable gliding feet offer quick movements

If you are looking for a highly reliable gaming mouse, check the Mad Catz models. Weighing 0.011 ounces, this R.A.T. pro X3 has ‎4.25 x 3.38 x 1.59 inches dimensions. It comes with a multi-button operating feature with over 8 buttons for increased control.

Its scroll wheel can be customized. The precision button of this mouse offers changeable sensitivity of up to 16,000 DPI. Its hydrophobic coating would keep your hands dry during tense gaming competitions.

Mad Catz The Authentic R.A.T. PRO X3 Gaming Mouse

The titanium screws and carbon thumb rests of this pro X3 further add to its ergonometric design. You can enjoy your gaming experience even more with this mouse as it has three LEDs and can even customize the colors of these lights.

This model is backed by a one-year warranty and 30 days free return policy. In short, this R.A.T. X3 is worth investing in!

What we like
  • Large number of multi-functional buttons
  • Adjustable gliding feet offer quick movements
  • Customizable scroll wheel
  • Interchangeable thumb and palm rest
  • Adjustable DPI
What we don’t like
  • Its long cord might cause clutter
  • Some customers faced issues with the software and firmware of this gaming mouse

This R.A.T. X3  model rules out the rest of the listed recommendations of the most expensive gaming mice due to its FLUX software by which gamers can customize a large range of settings as per their choices. Furthermore, this mouse is engineered with carbon thumb rests, interchangeable gliding feet, and adjustable sensitivity.


Swiftpoint Z

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2. Swiftpoint Z Expensive Gaming Mouse, 13 Programmable Buttons


  • DPI 12,000
  • 13 Programmable Buttons
  • Soft pads
  • Polling rate1000hz
  • A Great Product for Guild Wars 2.

If you’ve been searching for the perfect mouse for your Esports gaming competitions, you should go for Swift point mouse. With 3.54 x 5.12 x 1.57 inches dimensions and ‎4.1 ounces weight, this SM700 mouse comes with as many as 13 operating buttons.

Swiftpoint Z Gaming Mouse

It also comprises five buttons that are highly sensitive to pressure. Apart from this button layout, this gaming model is also equipped with high memory and quick gliding. It provides vibration feedback. That’s the reason it was chosen as the best gaming mouse – at CES. It comes with six feet cord. Swift point Z series is primarily developed for right-hand operating and is available in black color.

What we like
  • All 13 buttons have distinct uses
  • OLED screen shows the active gaming profile
  • Offers super agile movements
  • The middle button can be used without wheel rolling
What we don’t like
  • Most gamers are unfamiliar with its complex button design and placement
  • Need time to get accustomed to

This costly gaming mouse has the potential to be any gamer’s first choice as it can be customized according to your grip style and hand shape. Also, this Swift point Z model has gyroscopic signal control, high polling rate of over 1000 hertz and increased resolution up to 12,000 DPI.


Razer Mamba Chroma

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3. Razer Mamba Chroma


  • DPI 16,000
  • 9 buttons
  • Each lighting location is individually customizable
  • Hyperesponse buttons
  • 16.8 million colors for an impressive display

This Razer mamba measures 1.69 x 2.72 x 4.96 inches and weighs 1.76 pounds. It comes in black color and can be operated on Windows 7,8 and 10. This mouse is highly versatile as it offers both wireless and wired modes for functioning.

Its braided cord is 7 feet long in wired mode while the USB receiver that comes with this mouse is used to shift it to wireless mode. For extreme precision, 5G laser sensors provide accuracy up to 16,000 DPI. Its sensors offer tracking of about 0.1 – millimeter distance — that in turn make this Razer Mamba mouse one of the most precise models.

What we like
  • Suitable for people with large hands
  • Unlimited personalization choices of chroma lighting
  • 9 operating buttons along with one at the side for scrolling
  • Most precise gaming mouse due to laser sensors
  • Nice, intricate packaging
What we don’t like
  • Updates quite frequently
  • Can’t function wireless without plugging the charging dock into the PC

Both wireless and wired modes, personalized chroma choices and extreme precision make this high-priced gaming mouse one of the customers’ top picks.


Razer Basilisk

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4. Razer Basilisk, Hyper-speed Wireless Gaming Mouse w/ Charging Dock


  • 20K DPI
  • 11 Programmable Buttons
  • 100 Hr Battery life
  • Customizable Chroma Lighting
  • Personalized scroll wheel

This highly rated Razer Basilisk mouse is all that serious gamers would need. It has 5.11 x 2.36 x 1.65 inches dimensions. Weighing 14.5 ounces, it offers perfect grip and ensures high gliding movements.

This Basilisk ultimate series mouse involves optical sensors with 20,000 DPI. It is engineered with one lithium battery. This gaming mouse features 11 programmable buttons, a quite small dongle, and high gliding feet. Chroma lighting can be personalized according to your choice too.

This mouse shape is optimized for right-hand use. It is really worth the money due to these characteristic specifications!

What we like
  • Sleek and ergonomic mouse design
  • Its hyper-speed feature ensures zero lagging
  • Personalized scroll wheel
  • Customizable charging dock
  • Faces no glitches or connectivity problems
What we don’t like
  • No Bluetooth available
  • A bit shorter clutch button
  • RGB lighting settings are not stored in its onboard memory

Extremely fast, high responsiveness, smooth gliding movements and long battery life of over 100 hours with only ten minutes charging are the highly distinctive features of this model that make it one of the best and most expensive gaming mice.


Razer Naga Pro

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5. Razer Naga Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse


  • 20K DPI Optical Sensor
  • 2, 6, 12 Button Configurations
  • Chroma RGB Lighting
  • Comfortable to use
  • A Smooth Workflow

This Razor mouse is equipped with 3 side plates that are replaceable along with 2,6 and 12 button layout that can be customized as well. These changeable plates make this wireless mouse specialized in each gaming domain.

This mouse has 2.94 x 1.7 x 4.68 inches dimensions and weighs over 13.4 ounces. It comes with a total of 19 operating buttons and one lithium battery. The ergonomic design of this Razer Naga Pro is optimized for right-hand use. Its chroma RGB lighting can be personalized as well. It has a razer focus along with an optical sensor of 20K DPI. You can change its sensitivity with its DPI buttons that can be programmed as per your gaming needs.

What we like
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Very fast movements due to optical mouse switches
What we don’t like
  • DPI settings are reset frequently
  • Right and left clicks may malfunction

Those spending on this high-priced gaming mouse won’t regret it due to its peculiar specifications of replaceable side plates with customizable button configurations!


Logitech G502

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6. Logitech G502 Lightspeed


  • 25,000 DPI sensor
  • 11 Customizable Buttons
  • Lightsync RGB technology
  • Light speed
  • Adjustable weight system

According to 2020 sales data, Logitech G brand is bestselling worldwide. This top-rated Logitech G502 comes with a rechargeable lithium battery. Measuring 2 x 4 x 8 inches, it weighs over 14.2 ounces and is available in black color.

The RGB lighting can be personalized. It is optimized to fit each grip style. You can adjust your desired weight through its layout having 6 changeable weight options. Its scroll wheel provides ultra-fast scrolling — so you can game super-fast with this mouse due to its connectivity in 1 millisecond and that too through the wireless mode.

With HERO 25K sensor, it is also embedded with 11 programmable buttons and over 60 hours of battery life. Plastic use is imperative in gaming mouse construction. But Logitech G brand plays its part in environment conservation by donating to plastic recycling processes with the amount earned.

What we like
  • Highly agile
  • Adjustable weight configuration
  • Large battery life
  • Ultra-fast and highly sensitive
What we don’t like
  • A bit smaller mouse
  • Some customers reported issues with a left click
  • The mouse cord lacks any coating and is made of rubber

The key feature of this expensive gaming mouse that’s hard to overlook is its eco-friendliness apart from the changeable DPI with a large range from 100 to 25,600-that, in turn, accounts for its highest sensitivity. Its super-fast wireless feature is highly desirable — thus is used by professional gamers in top-notch gaming competitions.


Logitech G900

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7. Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Professional Grade Mouse


  • Adjustable 200-12,000 DPI 
  • RGB lighting
  • Comfortable Ambidextrous Design
  • 16.8 Million
  • Works with Windows 10 or later,8.1,8,7

Logitech G900 series is the lightest of all the mice in this list—weighing only 3.84 ounces. It involves a highly reliable battery as it can function for 30 hours after charging only once. It functions on Windows 7,8,8.1 and 10. With dimensions of 5.12 x 2.64 x 1.57 inches, this model offers a variable DPI range of up to 12,000.

It has reporting speed of 1 millisecond—making this high-priced gaming mouse highly preferable for eSports gaming competitions where a minor lag can make a huge difference. This Logitech model is developed for use by both right and left hands. The only downside of this mouse was right button glitching, faced by some customers.

What we like
  • Very light weighed
  • Its button configuration can be customized
  • Ambidextrous layout
  • Wireless model of this mouse exhibits no lagging
What we don’t like
  • Issues with the right button
  • Side buttons are a bit elevated

Apart from battery-saving tuning feature, PMW3366 optical sensor—that is responsible for extreme accuracy and high tracking rate—are the impeccable features that can justify the price of this costly gaming mouse.


Logitech G903

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8. Logitech G903


  • DPI 25,000
  • Eco-friendly
  • 140+ Hour with Rechargeable Battery
  • Lightsync RGB
  • Ambidextrous Design

This Logitech G features Hero 25K sensor. It has built-in blue tooth to detect movements. It comes with ‎1.59 x 2.62 x 5.13 inches dimensions and has 3.88 ounces weight. It is optimized with a maximum sensitivity of over 25,000 DPI and a very precise report rate of 1 millisecond.

Logitech G903 is available in black color. Its ambidextrous configuration makes it suitable for both right and left-hand users. If you can afford this, go for this gaming mouse and make your gaming experience even more enjoyable!

What we like
  • Perfectly fits different hand shapes and sizes
  • Exceptionally long battery life
  • High tracking rate
  • Eco-friendly
What we don’t like
  • Hefty price tag
  • Some issues with buttons were reported

This expensive gaming mouse is recommended due to its key specification of 180 hours of durable battery life and 140 hours along with the RGB lighting. Its high precision makes it pro gamers top-pick.


Razer Viper Ultimate

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9. Razer Viper Ultimate Lightest Wireless Gaming Mouse & RGB Charging Dock


  • 20K DPI optical sensor
  • 8 Programmable Buttons
  • For Left and Right-handed Users
  • Lightweight
  • Ambidextrous Design

This Razer Viper Ultimate is optimized with 8 operating buttons. Weighing only 13.9 ounces, it measures ‎2.61 x 4.98 x 1.49 inches.

This mouse has a wireless connection. It’s 20K DPI optical sensors make it way faster than other wireless mice. Razer ultimate features a highly efficient charging dock. The lighting of this professional level gaming mouse can be customized with a vast variety of color combination options. Razer Viper Ultimate comes in classic black color.

What we like
  • Faces no glitches
  • High responsiveness and low latency
  • Durable
  • Ambidextrous mouse layout
What we don’t like
  • Buttons are a bit squeaky
  • Overly smooth mouse feet

Mouse base can dig into mousepads due to thin mouse feet, causing moving difficulties

The optical mouse switches and highly sensitive optical sensors make this high-priced gaming mouse befitting for most pro gamers.


Corsair Dark Core RGB

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10. Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE


  • 18000 DPI
  • 50 hours of battery life
  • 50 million clicks
  • 0.5-milliseconds connectivity
  • ery high polling rate

The next mouse model in this list is by Corsair. Corsair dark core offers both wireless and wired modes—wireless mode provides continuous 50 hours of battery life.

In this mode, it is charged with a Qi device like MM 100 pad. It is equipped with 8 operating buttons. This model measures 5 x 3.5 x 1.69 inches and weighs 5 ounces. Pix Art optical sensor with almost 18K DPI accounts for its high precision and accuracy.

This gaming mouse is super-fast due to its connectivity in 0.5 milliseconds. It can be operated by connecting in 3 ways— either by Bluetooth or wired USB or wireless mode. Corsair is optimized with very high polling rate of over 2000 Hertz and Omron switches with minimum latency.

The contoured shape of this mouse makes it suitable for gamers with all grip styles. Its iCue software works for all settings, adjustments, and customizations and makes it worth spending on!

What we like
  • Its contoured design leads to ease of usage
  • Highly responsive
  • Transfers data fast by USB-C connector
What we don’t like
  • Left double-clicking issues
  • Makes noise

I highly recommend this costly gaming mouse mainly due to its three connectivity modes, replaceable side grips, 0.5-milliseconds connectivity and high resolution and accuracy.

How to Buy the Most Expensive Gaming Mouse:

Gaming PC, monitor, and mouse are the three crucial things that every PC gamer needs to have for smoothness and responsiveness in order to form the baseline of having an impeccable PC gaming experience. A gaming mouse makes a huge difference to your gameplay and without it, you honestly can find yourself a bit of a disadvantage. Let’s go through ins and outs of what to know before choosing the most expensive gaming mouse:

A good gaming mouse is all about the sensor, the chip inside it, the way how you are moving, and how fast you are moving it.

Most Expensive Gaming Mouse
Infographic: Most Expensive Gaming Mouse

Consider the type of senor:

You’ll find optical sensors in pretty much every gaming mouse these days. There are some laser ones too. An optical sensor has a built-in camera at the bottom of the mouse and will take pictures of the surface it is on many times a second and from this it will work out where you have moved and how fast you have done it before sending this information back to the PC. The faster and more accurately it can do this—the better the sensor. For high-precision tasks like video games, accuracy and speed is the key to a great experience.

Laser sensors are a bit more accurate but are comparatively costly. However, they experience some sort of lagging due to their ability to micro-analyze each surface. You can make the mouse choice considering the sensor type based on your personal preference.

Weight of mouse:

The next crucial aspect to consider while purchasing a high-priced gaming mouse is its weight as the mouse weight will play a key role for a gamer while flicking around the mouse for hours. The gamers can also go for mice having adjustable weights.

Dots per inch and counts per inch:

Both DPI and CPI refer to the sensitivity of the mouse — for a highly sensitive gaming mouse, you need to look for the one with high CPI and DPI. You can also opt for mice having adjustable CPI and DPI for quick tweaking.

Wired vs wireless mouse:

Wireless mice are a bit more expensive than wired ones. They are less responsive and exhibit a bit more input lag.

But with the more reliable wired mouse, you will not have to face the hassle of cable management. Most gamers prefer using wired mice for esports games. But it all depends on your ease and personal preference.

Go for a faster polling rate:

The right choice of the most expensive gaming mouse can be made by selecting the one with more polling rate. Sensors are only half the story though as the mouse also needs to communicate and send the input movement data to the computer. This process is called polling — it is basically how many times the mouse communicates its movements to the PC and is measured in hertz. 1 Hertz means 1 update per second. You need to look for a gaming mouse with at least 1000 Hertz of polling rate for the optimal gaming experience.


On the other side of the coin, it is all about the design. And again, not the way that it looks, but instead the way that it feels. As you are going to be using this device for at least five to ten years, so getting one that actually suits your hands is important. 

Some mice are flat and symmetrical while others are a lot more sculpted to a specific hand shape. There is no particular right or wrong choice in it but the symmetrical ambidextrous shape is arguably a safer option if you are a newcomer to PC gaming especially if you are left-handed.

Consider the type of games that you’re going to play:

Mice tend to have different shapes for different gaming purposes. If you primarily play FPS (first-person shooter games) then your needs are going to differ from someone that just plays MOBA  (Multiplayer-online battle arena). It all comes down to two elements— the speed at which you’d be moving the mouse and then the number of buttons that are embedded into the body.

First-person video games are based on fast, flick-based movements in which a smaller, lighter and largely button-free design is definitely easier to operate more accurately without feeling fatigued. On the contrary, however, larger mice with lots of buttons tend to be used for games where you spend a lot of time slowly moving the mouse with your hand often resting for a longer period of time. It all depends on what you’re using the mouse for.

My advice is to try out a few different gaming mice before you settle for one costly gaming mouse to make sure that you are getting something that fits your hand nicely and that you’re happy with both the form and weight.

Opt for the mouse according to your gaming type:

Gamers should choose the mice keeping their grip type in consideration—Palm, fingertip, and claw grip types—for a better gaming experience.

In a nutshell, the key point here really is how often do you play, how much do you have to spend on a gaming mouse, and what’s gonna work best for you. Like all parts of PC gaming, spending more will get you the very best kit and you’ll also get a huge amount of features. The shape, feature set, and button layer need to match your needs. So it is advisable to do your own thorough research before selecting any mouse model.


To summarize, you can benefit from our recommended products and laid out factors before buying any high-priced gaming mouse that is just to your liking. In this way, you can experience ultimate gameplay.