Best Mouse For Solidworks 2022 – Design Your 3D Models

SolidWorks is a widely used CAD application in professional environments across the world, and it is widely regarded as the industry’s go-to engineering tool for 3D modeling, CAD modeling, parametric modeling, etc. To work properly on this app, you definitely need the best mouse for Solidworks.

Because of its emphasis on engineering design via geometric parametric modeling, generating organic shapes is a less simplified process than it is for sculpting applications.

This activity frequently necessitates precision and accuracy in specific activities, for which you must have invested in the best system and mouse, and many individuals do not take the time to discover the correct mouse for such purposes.

A good mouse will help you save time and be more productive in the long run.

How do you choose the Best Solidworks Mouse?

The more time you spend working with the software, the more important mouse ergonomics becomes. Before purchasing your next best mouse for Solidworks, consider the following factors:

  • Reasonable price range, considering the overall characteristics that are
  • A handful, if not a few, configurable buttons would suffice.
  • If you need to work on this CAD program for lengthy periods of time, invest in a comfortable-shaped hand resting model
  • A fantastic scroll-wheel that functions without lag or delay. It won’t hurt to have some beneficial extra

List of Best Mice for Solidworks 2022

We’ve compiled a list of mice that we believe would be ideal for becoming the best mouse for Solidworks and these include the following:

Best Mouse for Solidworks – Reviews

Let’s check out each of the above-mentioned mice with their features, pros, and cons so that you can choose the best product according to your specific requirements…


Logitech M570

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1. Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse For Solidworks


  • Comfortable
  • Multiple USB receivers.
  • Powerful
  • 4 side buttons
  • Desirable

The Logitech M570 is designed for anyone who uses a computer on a regular basis. This is not a mouse, but rather a wireless trackball, since instead of moving your full arm to navigate like a traditional mouse, you simply move the ball with your thumb, using this trackball. It is not just great for Solidworks but is equally good for Revit too.

The most important feature of this mouse is its intuitive design. Its design helps your hand to rest in a more natural position while also delivering a great sensation to your hand. Thus, it rates high when it comes to ergonomics and makes it easy for you to work for hours continuously without any strain on your wrist or hand.

Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse

This mouse comes with a unifying receiver that, when connected to a USB port and the trackball is turned on via a switch on the underside of the mouse base, allows you to start using it straight away. Moreover, This mouse from Logitech is also supported by rubber grips on the bottom to secure it to the surface.

The wireless functionality of the mouse is another significant feature. The powerful 2.4 GHz wireless connection allows you to manage your devices remotely from up to 30 feet away. The M570’s sensor technology allows you to use it on practically any surface. This is yet another great feature that makes this mouse a highly desirable model.

In addition to this, This 136-gram mouse has a long battery life that can last up to 18 months without needing to replace the supplied AA battery, depending on the user’s usage.

What we like
  • Works on both Windows and macOS
  • Adjustable DPI in the range of 400-1200
  • Good Ergonomics
  • Accurate and precise tracking
  • Any Surface Tracking
What we don’t like
  • Is only designed for right-handers

Should this mouse be on the list of the Best Mouse for Solidworks?

It should be on the list of best mice for Solidworks because it is a great wireless mouse that is smooth, lightweight, has a long battery life, and enables pleasant use. Besides, it ensures allows tracking on practically any surface including wood, glass, etc. Moreover, user reviews are simply outstanding for this model. Without a doubt, it is the best trackball mouse for Solidworks.


3Dconnexion 3DX - 700036

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2. 3Dconnexion 3DX-700036 Mouse For Solidworks


  • 31 Programmable keys
  • Superior comfort
  • LCD workflow assistant
  • Advanced MCAD navigation
  • Dual Function Keys ( Access 10 Commands)

3D Connexion has a solid reputation for developing 3D interface devices for CAD and visualization applications that emphasize an easy-to-use user interface.

This is a 3D mouse that makes it easy for users to operate in virtual 3D settings, particularly when traversing and analyzing complicated models. It includes a Twin-port USB Hub with two USB-A ports on one side and a micro-USB port on the other, a Unifying receiver, and a 1.5m micro USB-A Type Cable.

The mouse consists of a dial-knob with macro-programmable keys around it, as well as non-programmable buttons like Alt, Shift, and ESC. This mouse includes a power switch on the top as well as a Micro-USB connector, and the bottom surface of the mouse provides storage for the USB dongle.

What sets it apart from most other models is that it comes equipped with 21 buttons so that you easily set them up for complex macros and other repetitive functions that can help you works faster on Solidworks. This makes it one of the best programmable mice for Solidworks.

3Dconnexion 3DX-700036 Mouse For Solidworks

The 3DX-700036 is finished in a rubberized material and features an LED indication around the knob. This spacepilot also features a sensor with 6 degrees of freedom, an LCD Workflow Assistant for changing settings, and a total of 31 Programmable Keys. In addition, the mouse has a DPI of over 10,000, ensuring optimum precision while working.

What we like
  • Keys with Dual Functions
  • Highly Effective Application Control
  • 2-in-1 Keys for Quickview Navigation
  • 21 Buttons
  • 1000 DPI
  • Accurate and Precise Tracking
What we don’t like
  • Bulky
  • Expensive

Does this mouse deserve to be on Solidworks’ Best Mouse list?

Every 3D CAD user should have the SpaceMouse Pro Wireless on their desk because of its combination of productive output navigation and a variety of shortcut buttons. When you combine this with the fact that the mouse is wireless, you have the best mouse for Solidworks.

The only issue with this mouse is that it is a bit bulky and not really portable but the kind of functionality it provides is simply amazing.


Logitech MX Master 3

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3. Logitech MX Master 3


  • 4000 DPI
  • USB-C Rechargeable
  • 1 Min charge gives 3 hours of use.
  • Multi-device connect
  • Comfort Shape

Logitech has improved its market position with the introduction of the Logitech MX Master 3, a new addition to its master series.

MX Master 3 is an iteration of MX Master 2, its previous edition, which was released two years prior, with a few changes. This Logitech mouse is loaded with capabilities and is intended for professionals that spend a lot of time designing, drawing, or creating.

It has seven buttons and a cordless connection to the device that may be attached to the device in two ways: via Bluetooth connectivity or via a USB adapter connection with your device. The most astonishing feature that distinguishes this mouse from others is that it can connect up to three devices at once, giving you the convenience of switching from Windows to macOS by just dragging the pointer to the border of the screen.

This is feasible because the MX master 3 employs Logitech’s Easy-Switch technology, which also lets the user transfer data, pictures, or even text from one device to another. This is one of the most interesting features that can make your task of transferring data as simple as a breeze.

In addition to that, it is a strong mouse with excellent build quality and a form that allows for a mature hold while also adding to the value of this mouse.

Logitech has incorporated a newly updated mac speed scroll wheel, implemented with electromagnets inside the wheel that offers precise movement, that adds friction in specific areas while automatically increasing or lowering resistance, while also including pre-customized button profiles.

Furthermore, the mouse has a Darkfield Tracking function that allows you to track faster on virtually any surface, with a sensor level of 4000 DPI accuracy and precision.

Another enhancement in the Master MX 3 is the capability for USB Type-C charging, which enables the mouse to last up to three hours on a one-minute charge and 70 days on a full charge.

What we like
  • Compatible with macOS and Windows
  • Any surface tracking
  • 4000 DPI
  • Comes with a 1- year warranty
  • 7 Modifiable buttons
What we don’t like
  • Is not ambidextrous
  • Slightly expensive

Should this mouse be on the list of the Best Mouse for Solidworks?

Yes, it is designed for long-hour employees and creatives, and it has the advantage of ideal hand placement for extended working hours when creating, as well as long-lasting battery quality, which contributes to its inclusion on this list. I must mention here that it is the best wireless mouse for Solidworks and when looking for a wireless one, you may choose it without giving a second thought. If you can afford it, it’s a great choice.


Logitech G600 MMO

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4. Logitech G600 MMO Mouse For Solidworks


  • DPI 8200
  • 20 Programmable Buttons
  • G shift ring finger button
  • Made for PC gaming
  • Compatible with Windows Vista,Windows 7,8

The G600 MMO Mouse for Solidworks is another Logitech mouse. This firm is well-known for its long-lasting mice, which may easily survive a few years.

The mouse has two large Teflon pads at the bottom, which provide the user with a very smooth movement despite the mouse’s increased heftiness.

It has a right, left, and G-shift button(additional click button to the right), as well as a fully functioning scroll wheel that can be tilted left and right, followed by two additional buttons below it, and 12 buttons on the left side, with a total of 20 totally programmable buttons.

The G-shift button is also known as a control modifier since it allows you to modify the other key bindings in the mouse as well as toggle the DPI while holding the button down.

It also comes with a braided cable that appears to be quite robust and sturdy. The buttons on the side are easy to reach and need a little effort to be pressed, reducing inadvertent clicks.

Furthermore, these 12 buttons on the side are simpler to discover in haste since they are divided into two groups of six and can be readily distinguished. In addition to that, an exciting feature that this mouse comes with is that using the G-Shift button with the side buttons essentially lets you map 12 buttons in addition to the original 12 through customization that can be used for different purposes.

What we like
  • 20 fully customizable buttons
  • Angled and tactile side buttons
  • Precise Tracking
  • Outstanding durability and
  • Simple DPI selection from 250 to 8200
What we don’t like
  • No option for endless scrolling
  • Doesn’t support macOS

Should this mouse be on the list of the Best Mouse for Solidworks?

If you require a lot of extra buttons to assist you in design and creation and the features of the G600 meet your demands, then the Logitech G600 MMO is the ideal mouse for your Solidworks and other design jobs. It is also a great mouse for 3D Modeling. It for sure is the best Logitech mouse for Solidworks.


3d Connexion Spacenavigator

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5. 3d Connexion Spacenavigator


  • 6 Degrees-of-freedom Optical Sensor
  • 2 programmable function keys
  • Ideal for 3D designers
  • Simultaneously pan, zoom and rotate 3D models
  • Full Technical Support

The 3D Connexion Spacemouse comes in two available configurations: wired and wireless.

Its setup is easy, simply connect it to the device, save the drivers, and you’re ready to go. The mouse has controls that are sensitive that allow you to obtain the optimum angle with minimum movement of the mouse.

This space mouse has 6 degrees of freedom, allowing for precise axial control. Pressing the mouse forward zooms in while pushing it backward zooms out of the screen, and twisting the mouse rotates the item in Solidworks or any other design program.

Additionally, The two buttons on the left and right sides of the mouse control either a macro or a radial menu with eight axes to dedicate to menu accessibility, which may be adjusted using software to your preferences.

The amazing thing about this mouse is its style, which is really appealing and almost futuristic. The mouse itself is fairly heavy and has a rubber gripping on the base to keep it from sliding around while using it without having to move the mouse across the workspace.

Furthermore, the mouse features a long-lasting battery life that may last up to one month. Moreover, the Spacemouse must be used in conjunction with the conventional mouse to be functional.

What we like
  • Provides smooth movement
  • Much easier to navigate
  • Displaying designs is easy
  • Consists of a two-year warranty
What we don’t like
  • High Price Tag

Should this mouse be on the list of the Best Mouse for Solidworks?

This mouse comes with a dedicated center mouse button that is useful for modeling, making 3DModeling a breeze, and adding this Spacemouse by Connexion to the list of best mice for Solidworks or other comparable programs.


Logitech MX Vertical

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6. Logitech MX Vertical


  • 4000 DPI high-precision sensor 
  • Natural Handshake Position
  • Three Ways to Connect
  •  4 months on a full charge
  • Erofomic Design

The concept of a vertical mouse is not novel, but it is new to Logitech’s range. It is not just great for professionals but is also the best Solidworks mouse for beginners.

The first thing you’ll notice about this mouse is its distinctive angular shape with a futuristic appearance. It features a wonderful rubbery texture on the body that helps you grip while offering a very natural and comfortable feel.

The mouse has configurable buttons as well as button profiles that alter behavior depending on the application that is active.

Furthermore, the mouse allows you to transfer data between two different PCs using Logitech’s Flow function. In terms of connectivity, Logitech’s mouse may be connected to the device in two ways: Bluetooth allows you to connect up to three devices at the same time, either through an all-in-one USB receiver or a USB Type-C connection.

Moreover, the MX Vertical has a 4000 DPI sensor that provides a high level of precision during design activities while also allowing you to swap the pointer across several devices connected to the same wifi network.

The mouse also offers an added function where the cursor speed button alternates between two unique pointer speeds, and holding it down adjusts the DPI intensity. In terms of battery life, Logitech performs an excellent job, and a single charge may last up to four months for this mouse.

What we like
  • Simple-to-use
  • 4000 DPI (adjustable)
  • Supports Logitech Flow feature
  • Accurate Tracking
  • Programmable buttons
  • Easy grip
What we don’t like
  • Only compatible with right-hand

Should this mouse be on the list of the Best Mouse for Solidworks?

The Logitech MX Vertical mouse prioritizes ergonomics above a multitude of functionality. This mouse has a good design, is lightweight, has extremely pleasant handling with a dual connection capability, and has a good DPI selection, making it the ideal mouse for Solidworks that also aids in precise sketching.


3Dconnexion Cadmouse

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7. 3D Connexion CadMouse for CAD Professionals


  • DPI 8200
  • 7 buttons
  • Compatible with Windows 8, 7, and Vista only.
  • Ergonomic design
  • Connected With Cable

3D Connexion creates ergonomic gear based on research to make working in the world’s most popular CAD programs and 3D environments faster and more comfortable, giving CAD professionals a superior method to connect with and experience the digital world.

This mouse from Connexion has three connection options: through a dongle, via Bluetooth, and a USB connection with a wireless operational frequency of 2.4 GHz.

It is unique from other sorts of mice in the sense that it has three distinct buttons on the top, making it extremely intuitively built and simple to use. The radial menu on this mouse is another feature that allows you to launch your chosen commands with a simple mouse stroke. When the button just below the scroll wheel is clicked, this menu appears.

Another feature is the smart mouse wheel 2, which is very smooth to use and has stopping positions. You can also click on the wheel for accurate zooming in CAD programs or for quick scrolling with inertia effect on websites and documents.

The most remarkable feature of this mouse is that it identifies whatever application you are running and allows you to personalize the mouse for each one. For example, this button will conduct one operation on the desktop while another task is being performed with the same button in Solidworks or similar applications.

What we like
  • Long battery life
  • Features a high DPI of 7200
  • Supports 50 Million Clicks
  • Ergonomic Shape
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • A great deal of customization through 3DxWare.
What we don’t like
  • Suits only right-handed users

Does this mouse deserve to be on the list of best mice for SolidWorks?

A large mouse with a nice carrying case that aids in precise sketching due to the availability of such a high DPI and the ability to use it on the move makes it a great choice for the best mouse for professionals. Having said that, it is suitable only for people that are right-handed. So, if you are a leftie, you need to check out some other options on this list.


Logitech M510

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8. Logitech M510


  • 5 Buttons
  • DPI up to 2200
  • 2 Years of battery life
  • Soft Rubber Grips
  • 2.5GHz frequency

In many aspects, this Logitech mouse is deserving of your consideration. The mouse is around 12 centimeters long, which makes it large, yet it is thinner in the midsection than other mice of similar size. It has rubber grippers on the sides and four smooth plastic pads on the bottom for smoother mouse movement, along with playing an important part in providing traction.

It features the standard left and right clicks, as well as a tiltable scroll wheel and two extra buttons on the left side. It is a mouse that looks quite similar to a normal mouse, but the tilt left and right function may take some getting accustomed to.

While the buttons on the left side are readily distinguishable as to which one is being pressed, felt by the thumb, with distinct click noises to further aid us in hitting the correct button. There is also a unifying receiver area with the battery compartment that houses the USB dongle with a 2.5GHz frequency that is then linked to your computer for the mouse to operate with it.

When operating with Windows, the mouse’s drivers are automatically installed, allowing all of the buttons to function immediately, but Mac users need to manually download the drivers. The mouse requires two batteries to operate, but it may run for up to two years on a single set of batteries.

It comes with a maximum DPI of 2200, which is adjustable.

The M510 employs an invisible optical sensor light, which is located on the side of the mouse rather than on the bottom, as is common with other conventional mice. Surprisingly, the mouse turns on when you raise the pull-tab immediately after taking it out of the box.

What we like
  • Offers a DPI up to 2200
  • Is ambidextrous, with
  • 5 Programmable buttons
  • Long battery life
What we don’t like
  • Does not operate on glass
  • Bulky
  • Not suitable for small hands

Should this mouse be included in the list of the Best Mouse for Solidworks?

The Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse is a low-cost choice among customizable cordless mice while with only a single click of a button, the Logitech software makes customization simple and adaptable, making it the best mouse for Solidworks that is cheap and affordable.


Logitech MX Ergo

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9. Logitech MX Ergo


  • Ergonomic sculpted design 
  • 6 Programmable buttons
  • DPI 512-2048
  • Dual connectivity
  • Sensor technology

MX Ergo is Logitech’s long-awaited update to their trackball mouse line.

This mouse comes with a tracking and precision mode button, used for DPI or sensitivity downshift which makes your cursor move a lot slower, therefore, giving you precision in your movement. It is helpful for people using Solidworks for the creation and designing purposes that require precise detailing.

It has forward and backward buttons at the front of the mouse along with the left and right clicks, while a trackball is attached to the left of the mouse.

A cool feature that comes with this mouse is that it has two placement options along with a detachable magnetic base plate; at 0° which is a standard position for mice, and at 20° which angles the mouse at a slight tilt, depending on your comfort needs.

On a full charge, the mouse lasts for 4 months and it is charged via a micro-cable whereas a quick one-minute charge lasts for an entire day.

Below the scroll wheel lies two buttons, which are used to toggle between Bluetooth connectivity and connection via USB Dongle where the connection through Bluetooth is not as reliable as with a dongle.

Logitech MX Ergo Tracking

This mouse also comes with Logitech’s Flow feature that allows you to move across or control two devices at once and let you perform specific operations between them.

What we like
  • Two angle placement options
  • Offer a DPI range of 512-2048
  • 6 Programmable buttons
  • Good ergonomics
What we don’t like
  • Only for right-handed users

Should this mouse be on the list of the Best Mouse for Solidworks?

The thumb is the major movement in the MX Ergo, and if you have a restricted workspace or are on the go and don’t have a lot of mouse movement surface area accessible where you need to design accurately, then, with its great build quality and design, this mouse selection might be the best mouse for your creative demands.

The only limitation of this mouse is that it is designed with right-handed users in mind. Otherwise, its a great buy.


Corsair Scimitar Pro

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10. Corsair Scimitar Pro


  • DPI 16,000
  • 12 Programmable Buttons
  • Good Grip
  • Accurate tracking
  • Ergonomic Design

The Corsair Scimitar Pro is an update of the company’s previous mouse, the Corsair Scimitar RGB, released a year prior with minor modifications.

This mouse has the same recognizable form as the RGB version, resulting in a pretty big mouse with 12 programmable button grids on the left side, as well as a rubber grip on the side for support. It has the traditional mouse’s left and right primary clicks, as well as a scroll wheel that provides strong feedback owing to incremental presence.

The side macro pad has an abundance of completely programmable buttons, 12 in all, that can be adjusted horizontally to accommodate your hand and easily customized to your liking inside the iCUE software, such as media keys, fast application launching, or even, macro programming.

To differentiate these buttons, the even-numbered rows are tactile, but the odd-numbered rows are plainly manifested. The advancement of the sensor in the Scimitar Pro, which is the best sensor on the market with a maximum polling rate of 1000Hz, is a noteworthy difference between the two versions of the mice.

The Scimitar Pro also has an adjustable DPI of 100 to 16000 in 1 DPI resolution increments, which is useful for accurate tracking. Furthermore, it includes RGB lights on the mouse wheel, side panel, and the logo that lies beneath your palm.

What we like
  • 12 Programmable Buttons
  • 16000 DPI (adjustable)
  • Highly Advanced Optical Sensor
  • Great for both a palm and a claw grip
What we don’t like
  • Still a hefty mouse
  • Not for people with very large hands

Is this mouse deserving of a spot in the list of the Best Mice for SolidWorks?

The Corsair SCIMITAR PRO RGB is a good-looking mouse with outstanding build quality, 12 completely programmable buttons, and the finest sensor on the market, making this mouse the best mouse for Solidworks, offering precise and accurate tracking up to 16000 DPI.


If you work with SolidWorks or another CAD application, you need the greatest 3D mouse you can afford without making the mistake of purchasing the cheapest mouse available. A mouse that should offer a distinct experience and a plethora of functions to make your task simpler while creating or designing using SolidWorks. Logitech M570 Wireless Mouse is one of the best options to consider and I have no qualms in recommending it.