Best Mouse For Butterfly Clicking 2022 For Super Fast Clicking

If you are one of those guys looking for the best mouse for butterfly clicking, I am sure you are an avid gamer.

Butterfly clicking is of particular significance when you need to get an edge in a game.

One of the most popular games that keep popping up with reference to butterfly clicking is Minecraft.

The most important benefit of butterfly clicking is that it can help you get a higher cps with the help of which you can get ahead of other gamers.

But how do you manage butterfly clicking?

Well, this is where a butterfly clicking mouse comes in.

So, without much ado, let me list out the best butterfly-clicking mouse models so that you can choose for yourself.

List of Best Butterfly Clicking Mouse 2022

Best Mouse For Butterfly Clicking Reviews

Let’s check each of the models listed above in more detail…


Razer DeathAdder v2

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1. Razer DeathAdder v2


  • 20,000 DPI Optical Sensor
  • 8 Programmable Buttons
  • Rubberized Side Grips
  • Customizable Chroma RGB Lighting
  • Ergonomic Shape

Razer is a brand that is linked with high-quality gaming mice and DeathAdder V2 is the top contender for this list of the best mouse for butterfly clicking just as much as it is the top contender for the best mice for Minecraft PvP.

This is an excellent device that comes loaded with a lot of features that make it a perfect choice for gaming as well as designing work.

Let’s have a look at some of its main features:

First of all, this mouse comes in an ergonomic build. What it means is that it is really easy on your wrist and arm and you can play with it in your hand for hours without fatigue or strain. However, this model is particularly made for right-handed users and lefties should be better off with some other model.

This mouse comes equipped with Razer Optical Mouse switch that has an incredible response time of 0.2 milliseconds. To ensure there is minimum mis-clicking, it comes with an infrared light that flashes every time you click on the mouse.

Not just this, the optical switches on the mouse are capable of delivering up to 70 million clicks. This clearly indicates that it is simply great for butterfly clicking.

Over and above, this model boasts of 8 programmable buttons that you can use for repetitive functions.

It’s definitely worth mentioning here that this mouse is capable of an acute level of precision with an optical sensor that can manage 20,000 DPI!

Moreover, it is a particular;y light-weight model that weighs just 82 gms.

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What we like
  • Ergonomic build
  • Supports very fast clicking
  • 20,000 DPI
  • 8 programmable buttons
What we don’t like
  • Not for left-handed people

Is this model suitable for the list of Best Mouse for Butterfly Clicking?

In all honesty, Yes!

This is a model that not only supports butterfly clicking but is also the right choice for jitter clicking. Great ergonomics, programmable buttons, and the ability to ensure quick clicking make it just pat for butterfly clicking.



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2. Glorious Model O


  • Ambidextrous Design
  • 6 Programmable Buttons
  • Ultralight Weight
  • Comfortable grip
  • 2 Year Warranty

Glorious Model O is a perfect mouse for gaming. It is one of the top-rated mice for Jitter Clicking and of course, Butterly Clicking.

It is lightweight and thin and you can use it for hours at stretch without getting fatigued. This mouse is a hit with those playing Minecraft since it not only supports butterfly clicking but also drag clicking.

One of its plus points is that it comes equipped with Omron mechanical switches and is capable of delivering a massive 20 million clicks. It’s needless to say there’s more than enough room for butterfly clicking.

It is an ambidextrous model and can be used by almost all left and right-handed people. However, it has a large body and is better suitable for people with medium to large hands.

You can choose from a couple of DPI options that include 400, 800, 1600, 3200, and 12000. One of the most important features of this mouse is that it is mild to touch and it is just perfect for high CPS clicking.

As far as the lighting is concerned, this is a model that comes with 16.8 million RGB and 8 effects so that you can personalize it according to your choice and preference.

Without a doubt, the honeycomb outer shell is a great addition to this mouse. It not only supports better ventilation but also prevents sweat patches even after you use it for hours playing your favorite game.

This model is extremely light and supports easy double-clicking.

This mouse comes with G-Skates, made up of 100% virgin PTFE that makes it glide easily on the mouse pad.

Even though you might take some time to get used to the grip, once you get the hang of it, you will just love it.

What we like
  • Lightweight and thin model
  • Supports butterfly and drag clicking
  • 12000 DPI with multiple options
  • G-skates for easy movement on the mouse pad
What we don’t like
  • Not the best choice for people with medium to large hands
  • Adjusting to grip takes some time

Is this model apt for the Best Mouse for Butterfly-Clicking list?

Absolutely yes!

This model is not just great for butterfly-clicking but is also equally great for drag flicking. Moreover, the honeycomb outer shell is just great for people who spend hours playing games not just because it supports better ventilation but also because it prevents any sweat patches. With a maximum of 12000 DPI, it can ensure quite acute precision too.



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3. Glorious Model D


  • DPI 12,000
  • Ergonomic Design
  • RGB Lighting
  • 2 Year Warranty 
  • Lightweight

Even though I have mentioned Glorious Model O above, this model also needs to be listed here because of its great ergonomic design and ability to support double-clicking.

Let’s check out some of its prominent features…

I must mention here that the ergonomic build of this mouse is particularly designed to deal with butterfly clicking.

Since you want to get a high CPS, this model can help you achieve so while being exceptionally light in terms of weight. It comes with a braided cord and it surprisingly feels like a wireless model.

This model comes with a Pixart 3360 sensor that offers excellent tracking with zero acceleration. Not just this, it supports a maximum DPI of 12,000, making the cursor move fast on the screen.

Just like the model O above, this mouse also comes with Glorious skates that make the mouse glide smoothly over the mouse pad without any hindrance at all. This greatly helps in improving the performance of this mouse.

Glorious Model D details

Another interesting feature of this mouse is that it has 6 programmable buttons and it is capable of delivering up to 20 million clicks, which makes it a great choice for butterfly-clicking.

What we like
  • Great ergonomic design suited for butterfly-clicking
  • Extremely lightweight model – weighs just 69 gms
  • Includes thumb-rest button for added comfort
  • G-skates ensures easy mouse movement
  • 12000 DPI
What we don’t like
  • scroll wheel may start malfunctioning after a few months

Does this model deserve a place on the list of Best Mouse for Butterfly Clicking?

Without a doubt, YES!

It is one of the best models that you can use for butterfly clicking with its especially comfortable design and the ability to deliver up to 20 million clicks. It not only supports butterfly-clicking but is also capable of handling double-clicking without an iota of an issue. Unlike most of the other brands, this mouse comes with 180 days replacement guarantee. Not just this, it is also covered with a 2 year-long warranty.

Moreover, this device comes with a 180 days replacement guarantee along with 2 years warranty.

I think it’s a great buy if you are looking for a comfortable mouse that can support butterfly-clicking.



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4. Logitech G403 Prodigy


  • DPI 12,000
  • 6 Programmable Buttons
  • Comfortable Grip and Control
  • Customize Lighting
  • Institutive software

This model from Logitech stands out from the rest because of its design that is particularly made for people with small hands.

It goes without saying that people with smaller hands are going to get a better grip on this mouse and this ensures that they are better able to operate it, whether for butterfly-clicking or for double-clicking.

In addition to this, it comes equipped with rubber grips on both sides to ensure a far better and firmer grip. With your hands on this mouse even for hours a stretch, you are not going to experience any strain or pain in your wrist or arm, etc. Such is the ergonomics of this device.

I must mention here that Logitech G403 Prodigy is at least 8 times faster than other competing brands which makes it a great hit for butterfly clicking. It has a 1ms report rate and the Hero 25K sensor makes it highly precise and accurate.

This mouse is capable of giving you a very quick response.

A truly distinguishing feature of this mouse is that its weight is customizable. It comes with a detachable weight of 10 grams and when you remove it, it certainly becomes lighter allowing easy and faster movement.

It comes with RGB lighting that can support up to 16.8 million colors, giving it an amazing appearance.

Moreover, it comes with 6 programmable buttons that can make it easier for you to run various applications since you can assign these buttons for various repetitive functions. Furthermore, this device comes with a maximum of 16,000 DPI and you also get the option to adjust its DPI according to your preference and liking.

What we like
  • Amazing ergonomic design
  • High-quality rubber grips
  • 6 programmable buttons
  • 16000 DPI
  • Removable 10 gm weight
What we don’t like
  • Side buttons tend to get noisy due to sweat

Should this mouse be included in the list of Best Mouse for Butterfly Clicking?

There’s absolutely no reason why it shouldn’t.

It is particularly a great choice for people with smaller hands. Great, easy, comfortable build, a DPI of 16,000, lightweight design, great grip, etc. are some of the features that make it a great choice for butterfly-clicking.


Razer Naga Trinity

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5. Razer Naga Trinity


  • DPI 16,000
  • 2, 7, 12 Buttons
  • RGB Lighting
  • Mind-blowing Ergonomics
  • Wired Connectivity

Razer is a brand that is synonymous with high-quality computers and other peripherals include mice. Naga Trinity from Razer is one of the best mouse models that comes with three interchangeable side plates comprising of 2, 7, and 12 buttons respectively.

The most interesting thing about this mouse is that it comes with up to 19 programmable buttons that can play a major role in delivering quick and fast clicks. It should not come as a surprise to you when I say that this mouse can deliver 15-20 clicks in just a second.

The mechanical switches that it comes with are sturdy enough to deliver as many as 50 million clicks.

No wonder, it is just apt for butterfly-clicking.

Apart from this, you can easily assign various functions to the buttons and set the hotkeys according to your liking and preference. If, on the other hand, you do not like to use hotkeys, then you can simply use the two-button plate.

Moreover, when you click on the buttons, you get audible feedback which ensures that the click has been registered. This is important to avoid mis-clicking.

Furthermore, it comes with a 16,000 DPI optical sensor and the best part is that you adjust the sensitivity through programmable buttons.

As far as the looks are concerned, it comes with customizable Chroma RGB color profiles so that you can adjust lighting according to your preference.

It comes with small, tactile bumps that ensure better grip so that you can operate it with better control. I must mention here that good control is essential when high-stake gaming is involved.

The only flip side is that you need to download mandatory software to ensure the proper working of this mouse.

What we like
  • 19 programmable buttons
  • 16000 DPI
  • Supports 50 million clicks
  • Good grip for better mouse control
What we don’t like
  • Comes with a higher price tag

Should this mouse be listed as the Best Mouse for Butterfly Clicking?

Undoubtedly, it is a great option that you can lay your hands on. With a massive number of programmable buttons (19) and the ability to deliver up to 50 million clicks, this mouse is a strong contender for being the best mouse for butterfly clicking.

If you find it affordable, you should certainly buy it.



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6. SteelSeries Sensei 310


  • CPI 12,000
  • Split-Trigger Switches
  • Ambidextrous Design
  • RGB Lighting
  • Low Click Latency

Yet another model that deserves a mention on this list is SteelSeries Sensei 310. It comes equipped with a Truemove3 sensor that is capable of 1 to 1 tracking for amazingly precise movements.

You must note that this device comes with an optical sensor that has 12000 CPI (count per inch) with 350 IPS.

This model is ambidextrous and it can be used by both almost everyone with equal ease and comfort. Another incredible feature of this model is that it comes with silicone sides that ensure a good grip. It supports both claw and fingertip grips and you can use it for hours at length without any wrist or arm fatigue.

The most desirable feature of this mouse is that it supports constant and fast clicks, hence it’s a great choice for butterfly clicking.

Another feature that should be mentioned here is that it comes with Omron mechanical switches and can deliver up to 50 million clicks, making it one of the best choices for butterfly clicking.

It has a maximum DPI of 2400 and you set it from 200 to 2400.

It comes with programmable buttons to allow easy usage. Moreover, it is equipped with two-zone, multi-color Prism RGB lighting that you can easily customize.

What we like
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Can support 50 million clicks
  • Less unintended clicks
  • Ergonomic build
What we don’t like
  • Weighs slightly more than other competing brands

Should this model be included in the list of best mouse for butterfly clicking?

100% Yes!

What you need to keep in mind is that this is a model that can support up to 50 million clicks and thus, it has a large room for supporting butterfly clicking. Not just this, it also supports quick and fast clicks quite accurately with fewer chances of unintended or misclicks.



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  • DPI 16000
  • 11 Programmable Buttons
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Comfortable Side Grips
  • Customizable RGB lighting

The next device on this list is the Hyperx Pulsefire Raid. This model is lightweight and has an amazing ergonomic build. In addition to this, it comes with 11 programmable buttons that can be easily mapped to ensure better working.

The most interesting thing about the design is that 5 of the buttons are located on the sides of the mouse. This ensures a better grip. This split-button design allows better responsiveness.

Another interesting thing about this mouse is that it ensures accurate confirmation of each and every click, which makes it perfectly suited to those playing games such as Minecraft wherein butterfly clicking is of great importance.

This mouse is ergonomically designed and you can literally spend hours with your hand on the mouse without feeling any strain.

It comes with the Premium Pixart 3389 Sensor to ensure utmost precision and accuracy. It has a maximum DPI of 16000 to ensure quick cursor movement on the screen. Moreover, it comes with large skates to ensure easy movement.

To enhance its looks, it comes with RGB lighting on the logo.

It is completely integrated with HyperX NGenuity software that can ensure easy customization with regards to DPI, lighting, programming or buttons, etc.

What we like
  • 11 programable buttons
  • 16000 DPI
  • Ergonomic design
  • Split button design for better grip and control
What we don’t like
  • Professional gamers may find it too simple
  • Not many customizable options are there

Does this mouse deserve to be on the list of the best mouse for butterfly clicking?

Yes, of course.

If you are someone looking for a simple-looking mouse with not much customization, this is a mouse that can be a great option. It not only allows fast clicking but is also able to ensure remarkable accuracy in clicking. This is what makes it so very suitable for butterfly clicking.


Logitech G203

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8. Logitech G203


  • DPI 8,000
  • 6 Programmable Buttons
  • Logitech G HUB gaming software
  • Polling Rate 1000 Hz
  • Durable

Logitech, of course, is a brand that does not need an introduction. It is so very famous for its high-quality merchandise. G203 is one of the most appealing mice as far as butterfly clicking mice are concerned. It is lightweight and is a perfect choice for gamers seeking something that is rather subdued.

The finish is quite classy and RGB lighting is only the logo and the mouse, unlike most of the other competing brands that are covered with lights all over. Now again, this lighting effect can be customized with the help of G Hub software.

It comes with an 8000 DPI sensor that ensures precise clicking with a good game speed. It is quite capable of handling butterfly clicks.

It has an ergonomic shape and it comes loaded with contoured grips on the sides.

Moreover, it also features 6 programmable buttons. They can be mapped for various functions but I am of the opinion that 6 is a relatively lower number of buttons, especially when coming from a brand like Logitech.

What we like
  • A Robust sensor of 8000 DPI
  • Good grip
  • Ergonomic design
  • Handles fast clicking well
What we don’t like
  • Programmable buttons could be more
  • No RGB  lighting on the front may not be pleasing to everyone

Does this model deserve a place on the best mouse for butterfly clicking?

Yes, it does.

Even though I genuinely feel it could do with a few more buttons, this device has an 8000 DPI sensor and can handle quick clicking quite effectively. This makes it suitable for butterfly clicking.

What is Butterfly Clicking?

Now, that you have already checked the top-rated butterfly-clicking mouse models, let’s delve a bit deeper into what butterfly clicking is.

Butterfly clicking is a technique used by gamers in order to get higher clicks per second. What you need to keep in mind is that in certain games, a player needs to perform a specific action a number of times and getting higher clicks per second could get him an edge over other competing players.

Here, it is important to mention that most gamers use their index and middle finger on the main key and gaming mouses are designed with this thing in mind so that you can easily outperform your competitor.

Most common butterfly-clicking mice can help a gamer make up to 14 clicks per second. However, the best models tend to outdo this number and can manage as many as 20 clicks per second. It’s hardly surprising that this tends to give you an edge so that you can easily beat your competitor.

Advantages of Butterfly Clicking

As you must have understood by now, butterfly clicking is an extremely fast method of clicking wherein you can click as many as 20 clicks per second.

This is of great significance in games such as Minecraft wherein higher cps or clicks per second rate can bring about a massive difference in your winning chances and probability. Even though it is possible to play Minecraft without a mouse, the real fun happens when you indulge in butterfly clicking with the best mouse available for doing it.

This is why most gamers try to perfect the technique of butterfly-clicking.

Disadvantages of Butterfly Clicking

The biggest disadvantage of butterfly clicking is that a couple of servers do not allow this. As a matter of fact, they can go to any length, such as banning a user for indulging in butterfly clicking.

The reason behind this is simple…

It gives a player an unfair advantage and he can easily win over a gamer that does not indulge in this technique.

Thus, before starting with this technique in a particular game it is important for you to go through the rules of the game to be sure whether it allows butterfly clicking or not.

But there’s something more to it!

Butterfly clicking is something that is not going to be easy on your hands and it simply raises the chances of you getting arthritis. I must highlight here that arthritic pain can be excruciatingly painful for most people. Not just this, clicking persistently for long hours can also affect the median nerves.

How is Jitter Clicking Different from Butterfly Clicking?

Butterfly clicking, as you must have understood by now, involves fast clicking of the mouse. Jitter clicking is another similar technique but the two should not be confused as being one and the same.

Let me explain what jitter clicking is…

Butterfly Clicking Vs Jitter Clicking
What is the difference between Jitter Clicking and Butterfly Clicking

Jitter Clicking

This is a technique in which a gamer uses one of his fingers to click the mouse normally and it can obviously result in multiple clicks per second. I must mention here that on average you can manage a cps of about 10-15 clicks per second.

Butterfly Clicking

This is a method that involves the use of two fingers, middle and index, to get multiple clicks in 1 second. Since you are using two fingers, with a good butterfly-clicking mouse you can manage a click rate of as high as 20 clicks per second.

Is butterfly clicking bannable by Hypixel?

It depends on how you do it. If you use both fingers to a button, it is not bannable. However, the situation gets a bit different if you use 1 finger in LClick and the other on RClick while using a macro that registers all clicks coming from LClick, then you may get banned.

Is G203 good for butterfly clicking?

Yes, it is. G203 from Logitech can be used for butterfly clicking. You can check the details in the article above.

What is the average click CPS butterfly?

The average cps that you achieve with butterfly clicking is 10-14. However, with a good butterfly clicking mouse, you can easily achieve a cps of 20 clicks per second.


Butterfly-clicking is a common technique used by gamers to get an edge over other players and you need a good butterfly-clicking mouse to get a higher cps. You can choose any one of the models listed above to achieve a higher cps and increase your chances of winning the game.

So, go ahead and take your pick.