Upgrade Your Gaming Experience: The Top 10 Best FPS Mice on the Market

If you are into gaming big time, you certainly need the best FPS mouse to make sure that you are able to give your best in the game. It goes without saying that a good mouse can help you get an edge over other players as far as shooting or aiming is concerned. Good precision counts and this is where a mouse can be of great significance.

Best FPS Gaming Mouse/ Best Mouse for Aiming 2023

Without much ado, let’s check out some of the best FPS mice that you can buy online to play First Person Shooter games like none other.


Razer Viper Ultimate

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1. Razer Viper Ultimate


  • 20,000 DPI
  • 8 Programmable Buttons
  • Ambidextrous Design
  • Faster Than Traditional Mechanical Switches
  • Lightweight

When it comes to gaming accessories and peripherals, it’s hard to beat Razer. If you are looking for the best FPS gaming mouse or the best mouse for aiming Razer Viper Ultimate fits the bill perfectly with all its features that can help you deliver an unmatched performance so that you can easily get an edge over your competitors. I must mention here that Razer also happens to provide some of the best mice for ESO too.

It is a slim model and it is an ideal choice for people that have smaller hands.

It is an ambidextrous model and anybody, whether left or right-handed can use it with equal ease. It comes fitted with rubber grips and buttons on both sides. As mentioned above, it is slim and small in size and carries the distinction of being one of the lightest gaming mice.

In addition to this, it comes with PTFE feet which help it glide smoothly practically over any surface.

PTFE Mouse Feet

Even though wireless models are supposed to be somewhat slower than the traditional ones, Razer Ultimate Viper works like a dream and is actually much faster than most of the other wireless models on the market. It comes equipped with Razer Hyperspeed Wireless Technology that makes it at least 25% faster than most of the other wireless mice.

One of the biggest advantages of this wireless technology is that it ensures low click latency and is also great for frequency switching. This comes in handy to ensure accurate aiming while playing an FPS game.

This is a mouse that comes with an industry-leading 20K DPI along with 99.6% resolution accuracy, which clearly means that is just perfect for tracking even the smallest movements. Furthermore, the optical sensor that it comes with is equipped with smart tracking intelligence, which further improves accuracy.

It’s worth mentioning here that Razer Ultimate Viper’s optical mouse switches operate through infrared light beams that can register each click in a mere 0.2 milliseconds.

What we like
  • 20000 DPI with 99.6% resolution accuracy
  • Lightweight model
  • Ambidextrous model
  • Comes with Razer Hyperspeed Wireless Technology
What we don’t like
  • Not for people with medium or large hands

This model deserves the top spot on this list because of near 100% accuracy in tracking that makes it simply great for FPS and aiming. I must mention here that it is also one of the best mice for Valorant.

Not just this, it also has low click latency. In addition to this, it is extremely lightweight and you can play with it for hours without any strain on your wrist or forearm.


Logitech G Pro X Superlight Mouse

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2. Logitech G Pro X Superlight


  • 25,000 DPI sensor
  • Long Battery Life
  • 8 Buttons
  • Ultra-Lightweight
  • Compatible with PC / Mac

As the name suggests, this is an ultralight model and is a perfect choice for those looking for the best lightweight mouse for FPS gaming that has a low click latency, making it simply great for aiming.

Even though it is light in weight, the build is pretty sturdy and its PTFE feet make it glide smoothly over any surface, including glass.

Getting back to the sensor it comes with Hero 25K Sensor that ensures highly accurate tracking. This is another reason why this model is one of the most preferred ones for aiming as well as FPS. Moreover, you get the option of changing DPI through increments of 50, making it highly flexible when it comes to tracking and precision.

Furthermore, the customization software is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.

It comes equipped with 5 programmable buttons that you can easily map for desirable functions and commands. Not just this, it also features a G-shift button to add another layer of controls.

The only issue with this mouse is that it is not suitable for people with smaller hands. Moreover, it is not compatible with Bluetooth.

What we like
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • 25K DPI sensor that is adjustable
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS
  • 5 Programmable Buttons
What we don’t like
  • No RGB lighting
  • Not for people with smaller hands
  • No Bluetooth Support

Logitech is known for its high-quality range of mouse models and other computer peripherals. This model is simply great for FPS since it is lightweight, has low click latency, and is supposed to provide quite an accurate tracking. Moreover, this is a model that can run on both Windows and Mac OS, which surely increases its reach among gamers.


SteelSeries Rival 3

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3. SteelSeries Rival 3


  • 8,500 CPI TrueMove Core Optical Sensor
  • Ambidextrous model
  • 6 Programmable Buttons
  • Brilliant Prism RGB Lighting
  • Hyper durable materials

This one is a great choice for those gamers who have to have a great mouse for FPS or aiming within a budget. The build of this mouse is pretty strong even though the price is considerably lower than most of the other competing brands on the market.

In spite of being sturdy, it is amazingly lightweight and can be used by both lefties and righties. As far as the grip is concerned, this mouse is suitable for a claw grip, irrespective of the size of your hand. In other words, people with any hand size can use it comfortably.

It comes with TrueMove core optical gaming sensor that supports up to 8500 CPIm one-to-one tracking and 35G acceleration. Even though it does not offer the widest range CPI, (8500 CPI) is more than enough for most gamers and FPS lovers.

In addition to this, it does have low click latency and ensures smooth cursor movement, which also makes it an excellent option for FPS or aiming.

Just like the Logitech G Pro X Superlight above, this model from SteelSeries is also compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. Moreover, it comes with customizable RGB lighting to enhance its appearance.

It comes with 6 programmable buttons and is ergonomically shaped to ensure you can use it for long gaming sessions without feeling any discomfort, pain, or strain on your wrist, hand, or forearm.

What we like
  • Excellent sensor performance
  • Ambidextrous model
  • Can be used by people of all hand sizes
  • Ergonomic shape
  • RGB lighting
  • Accurate Tracking
  • Reasonable priced
What we don’t like
  • Side buttons are somewhat difficult to press
  • Low profile scroll wheel

Does this model deserve a spot on the best mouse models for FPS and aiming list?

Yes, it sure does!

Good tracking, sturdy build, lightweight, low click latency, etc., are some of the features that make this model one of the best FPS mice on the market today. SteelSeries is a brand that is famous for its range of mice and this one happens to be the best SteelSeries Mouse for FPS.


Logitech G502

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4. Logitech G502 Lightspeed


  • 25,000 DPI sensor
  • 11 Customizable Buttons
  • Lightsync RGB technology
  • Light speed
  • Adjustable weight system

When looking for the best wireless mouse for shooters, Logitech G502 Lightspeed is a great model and it is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.

It has quite a strong outer body and comes equipped with Hero 25K DPI sensor which offers great precision and accuracy. In addition to this, it has a wide range of CPI that can be adjusted through increments of 50.

It is an ambidextrous model that suits people of all kinds of grips and most hand sizes, except for those that have larger hands.

Another interesting add-on is that it comes with PowerPlay wireless charging. This is a charging system that can help recharge this mouse while you are busy working or playing with the mouse.

One of the most desirable add-ons that it comes with is Logitech ultra-fast wireless technology that is highly preferred by professional gamers throughout the world.

Moreover, this mouse comes with 11 programmable buttons that you use for macro and shortcut commands. Not just this, it also supports hyper-fast scrolling which can be an asset when going through menus and lengthy web pages.

Another interesting feature of this model is that it comes with adjustable RGB lighting supporting 16.8 million colors to enhance its looks.

This model also sports an adjustable weight system since it comes with 6 removable weights so that you can adjust the weight of the mouse according to your preference or liking.

What we like
  • Very low click latency for a wireless mouse
  • 25K DPI sensor
  • 11 Programmable Buttons
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac OS
  • RGB Lighting
  • 6 Removable and Adjustable Weights
What we don’t like
  • Not suitable for people with larger hands

This is a model that comes with low click latency and also has amazingly precise tracking. Since it is a lightweight model it is simply great for gaming. Moreover, it comes equipped with 11 customizable buttons that increase its utility. Like the model mentioned above, this mouse is also capable of running on both Windows and Mac OS.

You can certainly choose this model if you are looking for the best FPS mouse.


Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse

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5. Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse


  • 12,000 DPI with 6 different settings
  • 6 Buttons 
  • Free 180-Day Replacement Guarantee
  • Ambidextrous Mouse
  • Ultra flexible Cable

This one is another excellent choice for playing FPS games or for aiming. First of all, the honeycomb design makes it extremely lightweight. The grip it has is just apt for people with medium or large hands that use a palm or claw grip. It is ambidextrous in nature and anyone whether left-handed or right-handed can use it with equal comfort.

As far as the weight is concerned, this is a mouse that can be truly called lightweight. This is a model that comes in a honeycomb design and in spite of that, it is pretty solid and durable.

I must mention here that it has low click latency and this is what makes it a perfect choice for FPS and aiming.

This mouse comes with 6 buttons and two of them are on the left side.

It has a DPI of 12,000 and you can adjust it at 6 different levels. In addition to this, it comes with customizable RGB lighting, which you can set according to your liking.

Glorious Model O FPS games settings

It is a wired mouse and it is likely to have a better response time as compared to most of the wireless models around.

Last but not the least, it comes with a 180-Days replacement guarantee, in addition to a 2-year warranty.

What we like
  • Lightweight model (Honeycomb design)
  • Ambidextrous mouse
  • 12,000 DPI with 6 different settings
  • Low click latency
  • 180-Days Replacement Guarantee
What we don’t like
  • Not for people with smaller hands

Glorious Model O gaming mouse is one of the best options when looking for a wired FPS mouse. It can ensure a quick response rate and provides amazingly accurate precision. The only issue is that it is not the best option for people with smaller hands since it has a somewhat bigger grip. Moreover, it comes with a 180-Days Replacement Guarantee which is not very common among other brands. All these features make it the best Glorious mouse for FPS.


Razer Deathadder V2

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6. Razer Deathadder V2


  • 20,000 DPI Optical Sensor
  • 8 Programmable Buttons
  • Rubberized Side Grips
  • Customizable Chroma RGB Lighting
  • Ergonomic Shape

DeathAdder V2 by Razer has a unique shape with a grip that can fit into hands of any size. With a whole lot of exciting features, it is perhaps, the best Razer mouse for the first-person shooter. It is a great mouse for Rainbow Six Siege too.

Thus, you can get a good grip over it whether you have small, medium, or large hands. One of the most unique things about this mouse is that you can literally spend hours with your hand on it without experiencing any kind of discomfort. This is one of the main reasons that it falls within the category of the most sought-after mice for gaming.

Yet another important feature is the flawless tracking that it offers with a 20K DPI and a highly precise optical sensor. It’s worth mentioning here that even if you move the mouse as fast as humanly possible, it is likely to ensure quite an accurate tracking.

It comes with optical switches that are likely to be at least 3 times faster than mechanical switches. It registers button presses at the speed of light, which certainly gives you an edge over other players as far as FPS games or even aiming/shooting is concerned.

To make things even more appealing, this is a model that comes with RGB lighting that is fully customizable. In addition to this, it comes loaded with 8 programmable buttons that you can use for repetitive functions and commands. Razer Synapse 3, of course, can help you define functions and commands for these buttons.

YouTube video
What we like
  • Best in class 20K Sensor
  • Amazingly accurate precision
  • Low click latency
  • Comfortable grip
  • Ergonomic Shape
  • 8 Programmable Buttons
What we don’t like
  • Buttons placed on the flimsy side

DeathAdder V2 is one of the best options when it comes to gaming mice because of the amazing tracking that it offers. There are not many mice that can match this one when it comes to precision and tracking. It can be used by people of all size hands and include 8 programmable buttons, which certainly adds to its utility.


SteelSeries Sensei 310

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7. SteelSeries Sensei 310


  • CPI 12,000
  • Split-Trigger Switches
  • Ambidextrous Design
  • RGB Lighting
  • Low Click Latency

This is the updated version of SteelSeries mainstay. Sensei 310 comes with a perfect grip and an ambidextrous shape so that virtually anyone, whether left-handed or right-handed can use it without any issue. It comes with a solid plastic shell that makes it even grippier. The best thing about this mouse is that it does not slip off your hand because of sweat. This is a perfect fit for claw or palm grip styles.

It is small and lightweight, which is another plus in its favor.

It comes with a 12,000 CPI sensor and is capable of ensuring 1-to-1 tracking with low click latency, making it a perfect choice for aiming or FPS gaming.

It comes with a two-zone multi-color Prism RGB lighting, which enhances its appearance.

You can actually run it on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

What we like
  • Ambidextrous design
  • 12,000 CPI sensor
  • Accurate Tracking
  • Low Click Latency
What we don’t like
  • Best suited for big hands

Sensei 310 is a good gaming mouse and it ensures excellent 1-to-1 tracking. It is quite reasonably priced which gives you another reason to opt for this mouse. I must say that it can qualify for the best affordable mouse for aiming. The only problem is that it is not meant for people with smaller hands since it is somewhat bigger in size.


Logitech G305

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8. Logitech G305 Lightspeed


  • DPI 12,000
  • 6 Programmable Buttons
  • 250h Battery Life
  • Lightweight design
  • 2-year limited hardware warranty

This is another one from Logitech on this list and deserves to be here because of its certain features. First of all, it comes with Lightspeed Wireless Technology and is capable of delivering an amazing gaming experience without any lags.

It comes equipped with Hero 12 K Sensor with a 12, 000 DPI, of course, offering excellent precision and tracking. It delivers amazing responsiveness with a super-fast 1ms report rate that can help you get an edge to beat the competition.

Its battery has an ultra-long life and you can play without even thinking of running out of power. As matter of fact, its battery can support 250 hours of gameplay on a single charge and the battery indicator begins flashing at 15% so that you have enough time to replace the batteries. It’s worth noting here that this model is not rechargeable.

Besides, it is a lightweight model that ensures easy movement. It also makes it highly portable so that you can carry it along with you when you are traveling.

What we like
  • Lightspeed Wireless Technology
  • 12,00 DPI sensor
  • Accurate Tracking
  • Lightweight model
What we don’t like
  • Too small for people with bigger hands
  • Not rechargeable

G305 Lightspeed from Logitech is perhaps the best Logitech FPS mouse. It is capable of delivering high precision and is ultra-fast too. It is extremely lightweight which makes it really easy to move around. The only problem is that it can be somewhat smaller for people who have larger hands.


Razer Basilisk V2

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9. Razer Basilisk V2


  • 20,000 DPI Optical Sensor
  • 11 Programmable Buttons
  • Chroma RGB Lighting
  • Accurate tracking
  • Fastest Gaming Mouse

Razer Basilisk V2 is another mouse that is just a perfect fit for this list. I must say that you must consider it when looking for the best wired FPS gaming mouse.

It is equipped with a powerful 20K DPI Optical sensor and is capable of delivering highly accurate tracking. Not just this, it comes with optical switches that are ultra-fast in registering button presses.

What it means is that this mouse comes with very low click latency. This makes it a great option for FPS or aiming.

It comes equipped with 11 programmable buttons and you can easily set their functions according to your need and requirement with the help of Razer Synapse 3 Software.

To enhance its appearance it comes with Chroma RGB color profiles that can support up to 16.8 million colors.

It also has a drag-free cord which gives wireless-like performance.

What we like
  • 20K DPI Sensor
  • Accurate tracking
  • 11 Programmable Buttons
  • Drag-Free cord
What we don’t like
  • Only for right-handed people

This mouse has all the features that you require in a mouse for FPS. The only issue is that it is suitable only for people that are right-handed. It clearly implies that this model is not meant for lefties and if you are one then you should choose another model.


Corsair Ironclaw RGB

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10. Corsair Ironclaw RGB


  • 18,000 DPI Optical Sensor
  • 7 Programmable Buttons
  • Palm Grips
  • Lightweight
  • Ultra-Durable Omron Switches

Corsair Ironclaw RGB is a gaming mouse that particularly caters to people who have larger hands. Furthermore, it is suitable for people who prefer a palm grip. This mouse is even bigger than SteelSeries Sensei 310 mentioned above.

Moreover, it is designed only for people who are right-handed. Thus, this is a gaming mouse for right-handed people with large hands.

This mouse comes with up to 18,000 DPI. Thus, you can play FPS games with great precision, aiming and registering clicks at a high speed.

It comes fitted with Omron switches that are capable of handling more than 50 million clicks. Additionally, this model is equipped with 7 buttons that can be set for various functions and commands. In addition to this, it comes with two-zone RGB lighting to make it appealing to those who prefer their mice to have a colorful appearance.

What we like
  • 18000 DPI for great precision
  • 7 Programmable Buttons
  • Great for FPS games
What we don’t like
  • Only for right-handed people
  • Not for people with small hands

Corsair Ironclaw RGB is a mouse that is only for people with big, enormous, or large hands. It is one of the best ergonomic mice for FPS. Not just this, it is not for people that are left-handed. Otherwise, it is a great mouse that can offer excellent precision and aiming in a game.

What To Look For In The Best FPS Mouse?

Gaming mice are supposed to be better than the normal ones in terms of features as well as customization. One of the most important things in a gaming mouse is that it should have an advanced optical or laser sensor. Moreover, good ergonomic shape and programmable buttons are also some of the essential add-ons.

Let’s have a look at some of the desirable add-ons that good gaming or FPS mouse should have:

Advanced Gaming Sensor

When it comes to FPS mice, you should try to select from models that either have a laser sensor or an optical sensor. As a matter of fact, those with an optical sensor are a better choice since they can ensure a very high degree of precision which is what you need when aiming better in Fortnite.

DPI stands for Dots Per Inch and it is the unit that is used to measure mouse sensitivity. It is commonly observed that laser mice usually have a higher sensitivity as compared to optical ones. I must mention here that high DPI contributes to faster mouse movement on the screen and low DPI is often associated with better accuracy or precision. I must mention here that mice with a higher DPI cost more. You may check some of the most expensive gaming mice here.

This is why most professional games look for mice that have lower DPI or at least, adjustable DPI so that they can set it according to your need and preference. What it also means is that laser mice seem to be a bit redundant for gamers since optical ones ensure better accuracy.

Another common benefit associated with an optical sensor is that it can help you flick your mouse consistently without any acceleration.

At the same time, it is of utmost importance that your mouse should not break on you. This is also where an optical sensor tends to outperform a laser model. This is because it has no moving parts and is supposed to be highly durable. Moreover, unlike a laser sensor, an optical model does not require any cleaning.


Greater customization is another important feature of a good gaming mouse. It could range from programming buttons for various macros and commands to weight adjustment to adjusting DPI etc.

High-end gaming mice come with pre-installed software that can help you adjust many things including their light effect and setting up profiles for different buttons etc.

Customization of buttons is an important feature in the FPS mice and most of them also come with onboard memory so that you don’t have to worry about redoing the buttons for every game that you want to play.

There are a few models that can be connected to a couple of devices at the same time. In such a case, you must know, how to lock a mouse to one monitor while working.

Why should I choose a gaming mouse over an optical mouse?

Basically, there are two main reasons why you should. First of all, gaming mice have sensors that are supposed to be more accurate as well as responsive. What it means is that they allow you to aim and shoot better.

Secondly, they have more programmable buttons so that you don’t have to look for certain keys on your keyboard while you are in the middle of a shooting spree.

Is a wireless mouse OK for gaming?

There was a time when wireless mice were not considered OK for gaming and the wired models were preferred since they used to add extra latency to the connection and this often translated into a lag which was a big thing in those days and could lead to increased response time, giving your competitor an edge over you.

However, things have changed dramatically over the years, particularly with the launch of 2.4GHs radio connections that offer zero difference in latency when a wireless model is compared to a wired one.

I think it is important to mention here that Bluetooth connections can still lead to an input lag and thus, it is best avoided.


When looking for a gaming or the best FPS mouse there are certain features that you need to take into account and they include programmable buttons, the comfort of use, DPI and accurate tracking, etc. I have tried to list some of the best FPS mice above, after taking into account such factors as well as genuine user reviews.

So, go ahead and choose one according to your need and budget!