Best Bluetooth Mouse for iPad 2022 with Exciting User Reviews

If you use an Apple laptop or iPad and need to work on it for extended periods of time or if your job requires you to travel, you may choose to use a mouse instead of the device’s trackpad since it may be easier to use and make certain complex tasks simpler. However, choosing the best Bluetooth mouse for iPad can be difficult because there are so many fantastic mice out there.

You don’t deserve to use a mouse that hurts your wrists and hands, which is why a wireless mouse is a wonderful gadget because of its versatility and simplicity of use, and an ergonomic Bluetooth mouse is a must-have if you want infinite convenience. To assist you in selecting the finest one, I have created a list of the top ten best Bluetooth mice that you can use with your iPad, Macbook, or any other Apple device.

TOP 10 Best Bluetooth Mouse For Your Device 2022

Here are the top 10 mouse models that you can use on your Apple devices:

Best Bluetooth Mouse for iPad 2022 – Reviews, Pros, and Cons

Let’s check out each of the models listed above in a little bit more detail:


Logitech MX Master 3

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1. Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse


  • DPI 4000
  • App-specific customizations
  • Connect to 3 Computers
  • Comfort shape and intuitive controls
  • 1 year limited hardware warranty

The Logitech MX Master 3 mouse is not just excellent for iPad but is also the best mouse for Macbook M1. It is a high-performance wireless mouse with seven buttons and great build quality, as well as a big thumb rest. This dual-connection mouse may be linked to the device through a USB Dongle or Bluetooth, while its Easy-SwitchTM button can connect to up to three devices, allowing you to move between Windows and macOS.

The mouse includes a matte rubbery surface with conventional left and right buttons, an electromagnetic scroll wheel with magnets in the middle that provide resistance at specific locations, and a shift mode that lets you choose between ratchet and free-spin scrolling. The MX Master3 also contains Logitech’s well-known unified receiver dongle, which can work with up to six devices at the same time, as well as the mouse itself.

With a 4000 DPI sensor, it can track quite precisely and is supposed to be at least five times faster than a basic mouse.

Furthermore, it is a sturdy mouse with high build quality and a form that allows for a mature hold, all of which contribute to the value of this mouse. In addition, the Master MX 3 features enhanced USB Type-C charging capabilities, allowing the mouse to last up to three hours on a one-minute charge and 70 days on a full charge.

What we like
  • MagSpeed Electromagnetic Scrolling
  • Connects to 3 PCs
  • Track on nearly any surface
  • 4000 DPI that is accurate
  • Offers a 1-year long warranty.
What we don’t like
  • Only for right-handed people

This Mouse entered the list of Best Bluetooth Mouse for iPad usage because of its high DPI range, precise tracking, dual-connectivity modes with pairing capability up to multiple devices, fantastic battery life, and spectacular scrolling speed. For these features, it is also considered one of the best mice for Macbook Pro.

This mouse has been getting incredible reviews and is supposed to be great for graphic designing as well.


Apple Magic Trackpad 2

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2. Apple Magic Trackpad 2


  • Lightning port
  • Apple device via Bluetooth 4.0
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Portable
  • Lightweight

Having the appropriate tools to work from home, especially technological gadgets, is critical to ensuring job completion. Continue reading to help you determine whether this mouse is a smart purchase for you.

The trackpad feels hefty right out of the box, presuming the weights are put inside, and has a quality appearance and feel to the hand. The mouse’s bottom is constructed of high-quality plastic, while the top surface is composed of sturdy metal. The substantial weight, along with the sticky pad on the bottom, reduces the chance of it slipping while working for lengthy periods of time and with long-term finger usage.

The trackpad includes four sensors beneath the tablet’s surface that allow you to click anywhere while detecting tiny variations in pressure application, giving your hands more capacity, as well as a power button, Bluetooth connectivity button, charging port, and a built-in antenna added to the sides of the device. All of the actions of this trackpad are extremely similar to those of a touch screen display, making this gadget feel very natural and easy to use.

Furthermore, the mouse has an edge-to-edge glass surface area that is large enough to enable scrolling and swiping through enormous amounts of material more productive and pleasant. In addition, the mouse has a rechargeable battery that can be charged via the USB-C lightning connector that links your trackpad to your apple device.

What we like
  • Connects automatically to Apple device via Bluetooth 4.0
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Includes Force Touch technology
  • Customizable Apple trackpad functions.
  • Compatible with Apple touch interface.
What we don’t like
  • Not suitable for Gamers.

The Apple Magic Trackpad 2 is a wonderful investment for work-from-home users and all other users who prefer a touch screen sensation-like mouse to your MacBooks because of its amazing quality, broad functionality, and high value, enabling this product to be on the list of Best Bluetooth mouse for iPad.


Apple Magic Mouse 2

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3. Apple Magic Mouse 2


  • DPI 1,300
  • Multi-Touch
  • Bluetooth
  • Lightning port
  • Long battery life

This Apple mouse resembles the previous version in appearance, with a multi-touch glossy surface along the top, a device used to complement your Apple computer with its elegant design and finish.

The cohesiveness of build quality and design is something that Apple constantly considers to maintain its standard, which can be seen in this device. The magic mouse 2 is completely wireless, with no need for a USB adapter, and Bluetooth connection detection is immediate, indicated through a visual pop-up on the Apple device.

With a rechargeable battery that can be charged using the USB-C to Lightning Cable attached to the lightning port at the bottom of the mouse, this mouse can last up to a month on a full charge, while a 2-minute rapid charge can last up to 9 hours, ensuring that you never have to worry about running out of battery life.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 Charging

Furthermore, the mouse incorporates hard pushes rather than physical buttons, as well as natural spacing between the uniform surface, making it extremely distinctive and highly interactive.

One of the most useful features of this mouse is the gesture controls on the glass surface, which provide a smooth scrolling experience and allow you to navigate in all four directions.

It also has an on/off button on the bottom, as well as comfortable long-glide feet that are compatible with a variety of surfaces, and the laser sensor makes the magic mouse appropriate for reflecting surfaces.

What we like
  • Suitable for right and left-hand users
  • Precise Tracking
  • Can track on any surface
  • Comes with gesture control
  • Perfect for traveling.
  • Customizable instructions
What we don’t like
  • Cannot be used while charging.

It is a great choice for this list because it is so compact, contributing to total mobility. Another interesting feature is touch and gesture control. It has an incredible battery life and programmability.

Appearance-wise it looks sleek and stylish and there’s no reason why it should not be on this list of best mice of iPad.


Logitech MX Anywhere 2S

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4. Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Wireless Mouse


  • DPI 4000
  • Hyper fast scrolling
  • Dual connectivity
  • 2.4 GHz wireless technology
  • Up to 70 days of power on a single charge

The Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Wireless, a new addition to the MX Series portfolio, is a flagship mouse that falls in between a non-ergonomic and an ergonomic range, and this article will assist you in making that purchase choice as you read through it.

The mouse features a low profile and just enough width to be ideal for medium-sized hands while also being lightweight and portable to use. The mouse’s uniqueness makes it an ideal contender for ambidexterity, since the buttons on the mouse may be configured to be reversed to accommodate a left-handed user.

The MX Anywhere 2S has Logitech’s handy Hyper scroll wheel, which allows the mouse wheel to spin freely until it is stopped, allowing you to move through documents very quickly and super lengthy webpages, among other things.

By clicking the scroll wheel, you may choose between a regular ratchet scroll wheel and a hyper scroll wheel. The button beneath the scroll wheel activates a tab screen with all of your open tabs, and a fast selection another push returns it to the usual screen.

MX Anywhere 2

As far as tracking is concerned, it comes with 4000 DPI sensor and can track on practically any surface, including glass.

The mouse also has typical back and forward buttons on the side that can be adjusted differently for different applications using the Company software with the mouse being clever enough to alter its settings in between programs.

In addition, another feature present in most Logitech mice is the ability to utilize this mouse across three computers that are not physically linked, via Flow Technology ™. Transferring, as well as copying and pasting, couldn’t be simpler.

What we like
  • Tiltable 2 mode-scroll wheel
  • Fully customizable buttons
  • 4000 DPI sensor
  • Any surface tracking, including glass
  • Long battery life
  • Can link up to 3 devices
  • Bluetooth Compatible
What we don’t like
  • Inadequate palm-filling experience
  • Not for people with large hands

Perfect for Productivity, highly responsive, and sleek. With the Logitech software being the main selling feature, you should purchase this mouse because you require these software functions, and despite being a very specialized mouse, it is one of the finest Bluetooth Mice for iPad.


Logitech MX Ergo

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5. Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball Mouse Adjustable Ergonomic Design


  • Ergonomic sculpted design 
  • 6 Programmable buttons
  • DPI 512-2048
  • Dual connectivity
  • Sensor technology

The Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball Mouse is an excellent choice if you frequently use your iPad on a fixed worktable and want a large number of programmable buttons.

The MX Ergo comes with a surprising number of buttons available, all of which are fully configurable while the Logitech’s Easy-Switch function allows you to pair the mouse with two devices that can connect through Bluetooth or Logitech’s USB Unifying Receiver.

Below the scroll wheel are two buttons that allow you to choose between Bluetooth connectivity and connection through a USB Dongle where Bluetooth isn’t as dependable as a dongle.

In addition, An interesting feature of this mouse is that it has two positioning choices, as well as a removable magnetic base plate; at 0°, which is a normal position for mice, and at 20°, which angles the mouse at a little tilt, depending on your comfort preferences.

Moreover, the mouse also features an advanced precision setting that slows down the pointer for more precise tracking.

What we like
  • One-Year Hardware Warranty
  • 6 customizable buttons
  • Long Battery Life
  • Easy Switch Technology
  • DPI ranges from 512 to 2048 dpi
What we don’t like
  • Inaccurate precise cursor motions with a trackball.

This is a great choice if you have a small workspace or are on the road and don’t have a lot of mouse movement surface area available where you need to work or create with precise measurements, this mouse may be the ideal option for your iPad.


Microsoft Arc Mouse

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6. Microsoft Arc Mouse


  • Ultra Slim and Lightweight
  • Portable
  • 6 months battery life
  • Bluetooth 4.0 enabled
  • Wireless frequency 2.4 GHz

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse is another Bluetooth mouse that is worth your money and requirements, as well as being a wonderful investment.

The mouse comes with two triple-A batteries that come installed on the bottom of it. You’ll need to bend your Microsoft Arc Touch into an arc, which is originally entirely flat downwards, till you hear a snap to turn it on, which is signified by the green light on top while to turn it off, you simply flatten it again.

With its pure simplicity, matte appearance, and arc form, it is a portable Bluetooth mouse that can fit anywhere. The mouse has standard left and right-click buttons, as well as a blue track sensor, Bluetooth connectivity, and a touch-activated scroll wheel.

Microsoft Arc Mouse Design

The most impressive feature of this mouse is its scroll wheel, which, when combined with vibration simulating and a click on the scroll wheel, allows it to steal the show.

Double-tapping the center of the wheel activates the middle click while pressing the bottom activates the page down feature, touching the top portion of the wheel activates the scroll up feature, and swiping fast on the touch scroll activates the endless scroll function.

What we like
  • Gesture controlled scroll wheel
  • Has an ambidextrous design
  • Features Maximum DPI of 1800
  • High portability factor
  • Compact Design
What we don’t like
  • Not very user-friendly.
  • Fewer configurable buttons.

This device features outstanding portability, with a lightweight, compact design, Bluetooth connectivity compatibility, and an ambidextrous design as well as decent overall ergonomics, making this mouse one of the best-looking styled mice on the market, which is why Microsoft’s Arc Mouse is the best Bluetooth mouse for iPad.


Logitech MX

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7. Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Mouse


  • 4000 DPI high-precision sensor 
  • Natural Handshake Position
  • Three Ways to Connect
  •  4 months on a full charge
  • Erofomic Design

It is quite common to acquire computer-induced medical issues as a result of improper or prolonged use of desktops or laptop computers. To address this issue, Logitech decided to step up their game by adding elevation to their mouse and making it vertical.

The ergonomic design of the Logitech MX Vertical Mouse allows your hand to be placed at an angle of 57 degrees while resting your thumb on the thumb-rest located on the left side of the mouse, often known as the “Natural Handshake” position. This position reduces wrist pressure, which is a common cause of RSI, while also lowering muscle strain by 10%.

Furthermore, with a weight of 127.5 g, the mouse glides smoothly with minimum effort, whilst optical tracking with a dedicated cursor speed decreases your hand movement by some percent, which is designed to minimize hand strain.

More importantly, it comes with a DPI of 4000 and is capable of tracking with utmost precision and accuracy.

Moreover, Logitech has paid close attention to the texture of the mouse, adopting a rubber-textured wave design to improve comfort while providing a firm grip. You can also change the pointer speed and accuracy in the Logitech program.

What we like
  • Logitech Flow Technology
  • 3-Way Connectivity
  • 4000 DPI
  • Accurate tracking
  • Ergonomic Shape
What we don’t like
  • Doesn’t support Hyper-scroll feature.

The Logitech MX Vertical mouse’s ergonomics are prioritized above a variety of functions. This mouse has a distinctive design that accommodates a broad range of hand shapes and sizes, is lightweight, has good handling, and has a large DPI range, making it the ideal mouse for iPad.


Satechi Aluminum M1

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8. Satechi Aluminum M1 Bluetooth Wireless Mouse


  • Precise Tracking
  • Compatibility
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • For Both Left- and Right-Hand Users
  • Rechargeable Type-C Port

The Satechi Aluminum M1 Bluetooth Wireless Mouse has a Bluetooth 4.0 connection, a rechargeable type-c connector, and a contemporary ergonomic design.

This Satechi mouse is intended to be intuitive, with a basic curved form that is suitable for both left and right-hand users. The scroll wheel is made of aluminum to match the mouse’s metal appearance. Furthermore, it has an optical sensor with a 1200 DPI resolution for precise tracking and quick scrolling from your computer.

The mouse can be simply connected to nearly any Bluetooth device from up to 32 feet away for wireless navigation control. Furthermore, by providing itself with a handy type-c charging connector, this mouse avoids the usage of single-use batteries and charges rapidly to save downtime.

What we like
  • Ambidextrous
  • Compatible with  Windows & Mac
  • 1-year warranty
  • Easy to use navigation buttons
  • Excellent grip
  • Four color options
What we don’t like
  • DPI could be more

The Satechi Aluminium M1 budget-friendly Bluetooth Wireless Mouse is a good companion for Apple customers with a superb ergonomic yet basic design as well as outstanding color combination choices while being able to recharge while in use earns this mouse a spot on the list of Best Bluetooth mouse for iPad.


Logitech K830

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9. Logitech K830 Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard with Built-in Touchpad


  • Easy Typing, Even in the Dark
  • Smooth click with minimal sound
  • Customizable Function keys
  •  Accurate Cursor Control and Enhanced Gesture Functions.

This mouse has a unifying receiver that allows you to connect to up to six Logitech unifying devices. Along with that, there is a USB extension cable that may be used with the USB Dongle if the range is insufficient, and a USB to micro-USB charging cable is included in the packing box of Logitech’s K830 Keyboard.

With a width of 14.4 inches and a height of 4.9 inches, the Keyboard is slightly smaller than conventional keyboards on the market. The mouse is likewise lightweight, only 496 grams, yet it has enough weight to feel sturdy. Furthermore, the Unifying receiver provides a 2.4GHz wireless connection with a range of about 33 feet between the device and you.

Logitech K830 Illuminated Living

When it comes to battery life, Logitech claims that it can last up to 10 days with a 3-hour charge Bluetooth, but it can last longer with modest usage. The Keyboard micro-USB charging connector is located on the top, next to the power button, and a green LED light on the front, is used to show the keyboard’s power mode (on/off).

The keyboard layout is similar to that of a standard keyboard, except that the F-keys also act as secondary function keys, with features like as switching screens, minimizing and maximizing screens, and adjusting the brightness.

The keyboard has a really unique set of three buttons on the right of the keyboard, namely Volume adjustment keys with the press of a one-click, which comes in very handy when viewing movies or surfing through videos.

What we like
  • Simple PC-to-TV navigation
  • Low-profile keyboard keys
  • Smooth click with minimal sound
  • Customizable Function keys
  • Auto-illuminated keys
  • Touchpad that is precise and responsive
What we don’t like
  • Few keys do not light up


Logitech M720

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10. Logitech M720 Wireless Triathlon Mouse with Bluetooth for PC


  • Power Battery 24 Months
  • Hyper-Fast Scroll wheel
  • Easy-Switch Technology
  • Up to 10 Million Clicks
  • Professional Appearance

This mouse has 8 pressable buttons, including a vertical and horizontal scroll wheel, gesture buttons, forward and backward buttons, a Bluetooth button that rotates between three devices, and a button that allows you to choose between hyper-fast scrolling and ratchet scrolling.

The Logitech M720 features a basic yet professional appearance that is reminiscent of the MX master series. The mouse’s construction is of high quality, having a soft rubbery surface on both sides.

In terms of color, the top of the mouse has a black surface, while the bottom of the mouse has a white surface. When not in use, the mouse also stores the USB Dongle on the bottom, where the double-A battery is located.

When opposed to a normal mouse, the mouse employs its own sophisticated optical tracking technology that does not emit any red blazers. It’s also worth noting that this mouse features a thumb rest on the left side, suggesting that it’s not ambidextrous. Furthermore, the mouse can connect to up to three devices and has a dedicated button for switching between them.

To fully utilize the usefulness of this mouse for productivity, Logitech’s software is necessary, which allows customization of virtually all buttons depending on individual application preferences.

What we like
  • Extremely Precise Navigation
  • Hyper Scroll Mode & Ratchet Scrolling
  • Tracking with adjustable DPI
  • Dual Connectivity options
  • Compatible with Windows & macOS
  • Connects mouse to up to three devices
  • Long-lasting Battery
What we don’t like
  • On Linux, customizing the buttons is not possible.

The Logitech M720 Wireless Triathlon Mouse is ideal for being in the list of Best Bluetooth Mouse for iPad because it is designed for optimum comfort, endurance, and adaptability, as well as having two methods to connect and multi-device capabilities, among other characteristics.

How Do You Select the Best Bluetooth Mouse for Your iPad?

A wireless mouse allows you to use the mouse almost anywhere and in any way you choose. Whether you want a mouse for everyday use or gaming, the proper wireless Bluetooth mouse makes it easier to interact with your device. Not only is it handier, but it is also more portable.

Consider what you need in a mouse before rushing out and buying the first Bluetooth-enabled wireless mouse you find.

Things you should look for in a Bluetooth Mouse:

  1. If you’re a creator or someone who works long hours, you’ll like the Ergonomic Design, and if you’re a gamer, you’ll appreciate the wide range of DPI settings.
  2. Laser Sensor vs. Optical sensor – Laser sensors have a higher DPI rating than optical mice, making them more accurate and sensitive.
  3. Prefer getting a noiseless mouse so your constant clicking doesn’t bother you or those around you.
  4. A travel mouse is worth the price – Consider purchasing a mouse that is portable and can fit within a small area, such as a laptop bag or a handbag.
  5. Mouse vs. Trackpad – It is not suitable for activities such as gaming or jobs that need precision, but some users find touch-based systems more instinctive, which is why you should consider purchasing a separate touchpad similar to that found on a laptop as many gadgets are now developed with the touch interface in mind.
  6. Polling rate – The polling rate, expressed in Hertz, is the number of times your mouse sends its location to your computer. A mouse with a polling rate of 500 Hz would be ideal for gamers, but for ordinary users, the polling rate is unimportant.

Obtaining accessories for your iPad used to be a tough process, but this is no longer the case. Almost every mouse now works with Apple devices, some totally, others partially. If you often travel with your iPad, you may wish to use a mouse with it.

Bluetooth mice aren’t difficult to obtain, but the range of models and specs may be overwhelming. You must evaluate all points and how they relate to what your requirements to work with a mouse are and with this article, we made this tiring research-thru-various-blogs process easy for you.

Now you are all set to get the best mouse with Bluetooth connectivity for your Apple devices/iPad. Let’s conquer the world, Shall we?